Professionalism: The ABC for Success

Professionalism The ABC for SuccessProfessionalism is a choice, an opportunity for you to think, behave and act in a way which will make you stand out from the crowd.  It applies to all of us, all the time, not just in the workplace but in our personal lives as well so it’s about everything we are and everything we do.

This book offers you an insight into the ways that professionals approach their world and offers some very practical advice, intended to help you demonstrate your own professionalism 24/7.

If you know that just getting by isn’t enough and that there must be something missing – professionalism is the answer.  It will change the way you look at the world and will have a remarkable effect on how the world treats you in return.


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The advice in this book will be of value at every stage of your life and career.

Education: It will be of value in schools as well as in Further and Higher Education, working with young people to offer an insight into the life skills needed to prepare them for the world of work and to help them achieve their full potential. It will enhance their eventual employability as well as their ability to adapt and contribute to new and challenging situations.

Career: This book will continue to offer advice and guidance throughout an individual’s career. From the early days with your first employer and onwards while you gain experience and understanding, the advice will support you in developing your interpersonal relationships, either as an employee, a team member or as a leader. It will also offer some common ground when helping others to develop their own careers and professionalism.


Professionalism: The ABC for Success offers benefits for every type and size of organisation, for every individual within an organisation and for the organisation itself. The elements it describes and its aspirations are appropriate for all levels of the workforce and in all sectors of the economy.

By giving a copy of this book to every member of staff you will create a working environment of excellence and professionalism, of trust and respect, of positive values and ethical behaviour. It will also demonstrate your interest in the wellbeing and personal pride of each member of your workforce.

To be most effective, the organisation should provide a framework within which the values described in the book can flourish. This can be achieved quickly and simply by:

A Providing a framework which establishes the ‘rules’ by which the organisation works together to implement the requirements of professionalism. The framework might include a statement of internal (working with each other) and external (working with customers and clients) values and principles; a code of employee conduct with guidelines and boundaries; a set of behaviour and performance standards; a written agreement to which all members of staff sign up

B Ensuring that each employee not only reads the book but applies the various elements into everyday dealings with team mates and customers; providing initial implementation sessions; providing reminders; providing some form of reinforcement; establishing a monitoring structure

C As this is not a one-off process, continually reviewing and discussing levels of engagement; periodic guidance, hints and tips; showcasing exceptional individuals. Over a period of time the cumulative effect will have a noticeable effect, providing a support to your organisation in all its activities and successes.

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Susie Kay is Founder and Managing director of The Professionalism Group and is passionate about the benefits of professionalism for all sectors of the economy. She has worked in professional associations for many years, advising on the wider aspects of professional excellence, and is now a consultant, speaker and writer.


You can read more of Susie’s writings at her popular blog: The Professionalism Blog, or keep up to date with her via Twitter: @profnlsmgroup